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    Every other major wiki has a picture background, and we don't. Time to change that. 

    The Hellsing Wiki background has been plain old dark red for ever. I've wanted to change it, but I'm not a graphics person, so I don't know how to make such a background, but maybe you do. Maybe you've always wished a certain Hellsing promo art could become the background, able to be seen on the sidebars everywhere around the Wiki. 

    Well, now's your chance! Follow the guidelines for creating a background image here . Upload and attach in the comments below a hi-res image at least 2000 px. 

    Here is an example of the content and how it must fit into the image. 

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  • BlazingStar

    Guess Who's Back

    May 6, 2016 by BlazingStar

    I've been gone a LOT, pretty much inactive. Occasionally I check my emails to see of my watched pages have undergone any major changes, or if someone's posted a message on my wall. This is how the recent antics of PyroGothNerd and Werebereus came to my attention. 

    They've gotten into a couple of arguments about Wiki protocol and editing over the past few weeks; differing definitions of "Trivia", what small pages are considered "relevant" and should or should not be deleted from the wiki. I haven't weighed in on these issues yet. I'm certainly planning to. 

    I also found a blog post in which Werebereus asked the perfectly justified question of if any admins were even still active. As the only remaining admin, I haven't been really active on th…

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  • BlazingStar

    Thanks to my semi-activity, I can see newer wikis evolving and changing, gaining new and shinier features. For example, many wikis now have pages with multiple tabs. My current project will be figuring out how to split pages into tabs - I think it's the key to solving our problem with a Hellsing character's anime version vs. their manga/OVA version.

    But if any of you, the users, have any suggestions on how to do this, feel free to speak up! Reverse-engineering code is hard!

    --BlazingStar (My talk) 03:03, May 23, 2014 (UTC)

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  • BlazingStar

    Shiny New Photo

    January 14, 2014 by BlazingStar

    I stumbled upon that beautiful thing on the right for the first time today, even though it's been here for six months. Upon seeing how high-quality it was, I made it the official picture in the Hellsing character infoboxes. Deciding that wasn't good enough, I made it the picture for the Hellsing Organization in the Main Page's slideshow, AND it's now our Featured Media! Maybe I should add it to the Hellsing Organization page, too. I REALLY like that picture. Here's a shoutout to User Hellsinner for uploading it! *deep bow* Arigatou!

    I've been busy in the past few days, too. Surprise you guys, I actually did some adminning things! Among some cleanup editing, I updated Seras' photo gallery and created one for PIp , which reminded me...why do…

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  • BlazingStar

    There's a new poll. Thanks to Kyotar, who suggested it on my Talk page, I'm asking the public's opinion of the Hellsing Abridged series! I know it's very popular (personally, I think it's awesome) and I wonder if the poll will reflect how many people I think love it. 

    I've decided the polls will be numbered in order of their creation on the Hellsing Wiki. For example, Poll #1 was created first, Poll #2 was created second, and so on. They'll be posted lower on the page in reverse chronological order as new ones get created. But there probably won't be that many polls anyway. 


    In other news, it's 2014 now! Happy New Year, you guys! *toots horn* Hope you have an amazing day, an amazing January, and an amazing year. 

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