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Hello Users! My name is TheColorEarth and I am a user, contributor, editor, fanatic and bureaucrat of Hellsing Wikia. I've been on since September, 6 2009 way back when this wiki was less than 15 articles strong. Well its certainly bigger now. I love this wiki. It's pretty cool huh? I like Hellsing obviously. I think it may very well be one of the greatest anime and manga series in the history of anime and manga. Thanks Kouta Hirano! Anywhoozle, have fun creating and exploring Hellsing wiki. :D

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My Current ProjectEdit

Unfourtunatly my project right now is preparing for the new skin. I will truly miss you Monaco! T.T Anyway so far all I've done is change the WordMark into something some-what resembling what we used to have. The theme designer is very picky and only alows .png Images for graphics which was quite annoying. Oh well. Will work on changin' some more stuff with the colors later....

EDIT: Also changed backgroung to all red. If anyone liked the half black backgroungd more please tell me and I'll change it back. It seemed a bit to dark to me before.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Alucard - That page is so massive and covered with pictures it's almost gotten too big.
  • Heinkel Wolfe - Heinkel's just that much of an awesome character.
  • Bayonet - The first page I ever created. Yeah it's pretty lame...oh well.

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