Yo, BlazingStar here, the only active admin on the Hellsing wiki. I'm actually relatively new to Hellsing- I just finished watching and reading the series right before I joined this Wiki. But I love it to death. And Alucard, too. Because he's awesome. And the series is awesome. And it's probably one of the best vampire stories ever told. And...enough of my gushing about Hellsing.

I'm inactive a lot nowadays, but if you post on my Talk page, and MAYBE on the Talk page of an article I really care about, I'll reply as soon as I can. I occasionally try to keep up with what's generally happening on the wiki, policing vandalism and such. I specialize in the writing part, and a bit of formatting and code.

This wiki relatively mid-grade as far as size goes, and though that's good, for a series that's this well-loved and this widely known, that's a serious issue. My ultimate dream is for this wiki to have uniform and professional templates, encyclopedia-quality articles, and the most helpful and informative Main Page that Wikia's ever seen! But it still has a loooong ways to go - that's why I have you guys to help me! Can I count on you?

Don't forget to follow the Hellsing Wiki Manual of Style , (yes guys, we DO have one) and don't be afraid to upload pictures. The weapons articles could need some help by experts, too. I've created a "Wanted Pages", kind of a "wishlist" for the pages and images we need. But in my inactivity, I may be behind on some things. Hit me up on my talk page if you see a page, image, category, or that should be added. I value your opinion!

Me on Other Wikis

Here I am on the Change 123 Wiki. I'm an admin here, too!

Here I am on the Bleach Wiki. That place is amazing. It's so large and well-organized. It was originally my role model for the Hellsing Wiki.

Recent Activity[edit | edit source]

I only put my very latest projects and news here. The rest will be archived in my blog. It's more to keep track of what I am doing than for you guys, mind.

December 1, 2013[edit | edit source]

I don't even feel like being nice anymore. I don't care if no one posts a message in the Candidates for deletion talk page, some housecleaning needs to be done. So I deleted a bunch of pages today. 

  • Some page called "Twilightsagawikia:Edward Cullen" had been marked for deletion since August 12, 2012.
  • That stupid "Alucard [and his] immortality" page, which was essentially an essay on if he's really immortal, had been marked for deletion since like June 2011. I dunno.
  • Some page called "Mmmm pie" has been here for only two years and I'd marked it but never deleted it. That's fixed now. 
  • Some page called "Onepiecewikia:Monkey D. Luffy" which I don't even know why that's here. Ugh.
  • A duplicate (and blank) page for the Jackal that I am positive was created on accident. 
  • A blank page called "Episode 1" that I vaguely remember being wiped blank. Another duplicate.
  • A blank page called "Hellsing vs Army [of] Darkness".
  • A category page called "Fuck Mothering Vampires", also blank.
  • Some pdf file that is not even visible because .pdf files aren't supported by Wikia.

I also added the "Candidates for deletion" tag to a page called Other Species . If anybody has a problem with it, my Talk page is always open. Or you can cast a vote against the deletion on the deletion talk page

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Speaking of Recent Activity and News, I've decided that I should keep track of it. Think of it as a summary of the stuff in my blog. Here we go-

  • February 19- Joined the Hellsing Wiki.
  • March 5- Created Hellsing: Ultimate OVA II page.
  • March 26- Infobox reform project announced.
  • April 1- Becomes an Administrator of the Hellsing Wiki.
  • April 5- Reaches hundredth edit.
  • April 5- Broken link reform project announced.
  • April 18- Creates discussion page for for Candidates for Deletion.
  • April 25- Reaches 200th edit. Finally creates blog.
  • May 12- Creates a page for the manga and Wanted Pages page.
  • May 15- Creates template for character infoboxes.
  • May 17- Reaches 300th edit.
  • June 9- Episode infoboxes are created by Earth-san
  • June 19- Manga Volume infoboxes are created by Earth-san
  • June 30- Reaches 400th edit. There wasn't even a celebration.
  • July 6- Creates Weapons infobox template.
  • July 11- Creates first prototype for the Needs Help box in the Sandbox.
  • September 9- First use of Needs Help banner, on then-newly created Incognito's MGL Grenade Launcher page.
  • September 11- 500th edit.
  • September 15- Finally completes Weapon infobox template, fixing the text code.
  • October 9- Customizes the Hellsing Wiki back to its old colors in the new Wikia look.
  • November 19- Changes several Infobox templates' text color to show up in Wikia's New Look.
  • December 4- Officially takes over most affairs of the Hellsing Wiki from The Color Earth.
  • December 19- Reaches 600th edit.
  • June 13 2011- First sighting of Hellsing Wikia Spotlight. Adds to new Admin's Pick page.
  • June 14 2011- Reaches 700th edit.

{C}Note: So what if the episode and manga infoboxes technically aren't my achievement? I wanted to keep track of it, and thank Earth-san besides.

Favorite Hellsing Characters[edit | edit source]

In numbered order!

  1. Alucard. I mean, he's Alucard. Of course he's my favorite.
  2. Sir Integra Hellsing. I have the utmost respect for her as a woman. Not only does she command authority with an iron fist, but she is never weak, she's utterly focused, and did I mention she's a sharpshooter and a deadly fencer? Seriously, we need more chicks like that in anime.
  3. Schrodinger. He's so funny! And, as a result of his powers, unintentionally awesome. I also had a really tough time determining his gender in reading the manga. I mean, he's a neko (a cat-person), so you usually assume those are girls, right? I know I do.
  4. Seras Victoria. She has guns, she has superhuman strength, and later on, she gets totally badass, with the shadow-arm and all. She's a pretty good heroine, if I say so myself. (I wonder if her name is written in English as Seras, or Ceres, or Seres, or...)
  5. Pip. OMG, Pip is the man! He might be a bit trigger-happy, but the man knows his guns, and he's very honor-bound. He's actually quite the gentleman.
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