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The Werewolves, are a special elite military unit within the Millennium Organization that answer to The Major.


The Werewolves are described by the Millennium soldiers in the Manga as War Demons because of their bloodlust and strange yet powerful abilities. They were formed during the era of Nazi Germany. They were particularly mentioned in the Hellsing: The Dawn manga however the only confirmed member at the time was The Captain.

It is unknown if the other members appearing in Hellsing were members at the time of World War Two as Millennium had not perfected their genetically modified vampires experiments, or if there were other members that died.

It is also unknown how they are recruited, although The Major was seen attempting to recruit a young Walter C. Dornez when Walter displayed his powers during an attempt to assassinate The Major.


Name and Image Rank Description

The Major

Supreme Commander A former SS officer, once in charge of the Nazi experiments with vampires, until the operation was attacked by a young Walter and Alucard in 1944. He led the Letztes Bataillon (Last Battalion) in his attempts to wreak unending war. The Major's psychopathic demeanor, ruthlessly seeking a venue for his own maniacal desire for war and a glorious death, was often masked behind a veneer of smiling complacence, behind which he serenely watched as his own grand design continued in its march to oblivion.

The Captain

Bodyguard The Major's silent, stoic adjutant and bodyguard. The Captain is a natural werewolf, able to transform at will and fight in either human or werewolf form. The Captain possesses immense superhuman ability, even while in human form. This includes superhuman senses, strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance. With those powers and the respect he commands among his fellow members of the Bataillon, he is considered to be Millennium's greatest single soldier, against which even the likes of Walter are nearly defenseless.

Rip van Winkle


First Lieutenant

One of Millennium's top soldiers, and member of the Werewolf special forces, she uses special bullets from a long-barreled flintlock musket which can track targets of their own accord, and are seemingly armor-piercing. These "magic bullets" are even able to change their trajectories in mid-flight and repeatedly hit a target before disintegrating. Her personality is that of a merciless and ruthless child.

Zorin Blitz

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First Lieutenant 

A tall, massively muscled female vampire, who is part of Millennium's elite Werewolf force and the most powerful vampire in Letze Battalion. She is the commander of one of Millennium's Zeppelin forces, and a formidable fighter, wielding a giant scythe with enough force to cut a man in half. One side of her body is covered with tattoos, which include some designs but are mostly letters; when exercising her power of illusion, they flow from her body onto the walls and ground around her, extending her influence over the area. She can also see into the soul, allowing her to determine what illusions work best on her victims.


Schrodinger OVA 5


Warrant Officer  Schrödinger is a cat-boy (Werewolf would be the military unit he serves in), and was created by Doc. He has the form of a young boy, with cat ears and a perpetual smirk, dressing in a Hitler Youth uniform. Usually found sitting underneath the Major's seat like a pet, he acts as an envoy for Millennium. Schrödinger is able to appear and reappear and has the ability to regenerate himself if he is somehow killed. He has a fun and childish manner, taking only his destined role in all seriousness.

Walter C. Dornez

Walter C Dornez 1
Spy (?) Walter was a 69-year-old retired member of the Hellsing Organization. At the beginning of the series, he acted only as Integra's butler. However, he later lived up to his old nickname, the "Angel of Death," when Hellsing was attacked. Later, Walter left Integra to face The Captain, where he was then taken in by Millennium and in a mysterious procedure, was apparently brainwashed by the Doctor, to remove all reservations and turn him into an agent for Millennium. However, it is heavily implied that Walter may have been an ally of Millennium since 1944, in the events of Hellsing: The Dawn, serving as a spy. The reasons for Walter to turn himself against Hellsing is yet to be revealed and is still debated among the fanbase.


  • The Werewolves are not mentioned in the OVA Series.
  • The Captain is the only confirmed member to have never been created by an experiment.
    • It is possible that Zorin Blitz having her unique abilities connected to her body and not an object or weapon was not a genetic experiment and instead a true vampire like the Alucard and Seras. However, this seems unlikely as The Doctor's experiments seemed to focus primarely on She and Zorin did not understand why Seras's memories were in dissaray or why Seras had gone under such a drastic change.
    • It is however a strong possibility that Zorin was before Walter, Millennium's strongest genetic vampire given Scrodinger's statement regarding The Major finding a new toy.
  • Schrödinger is the only member to never enter a fight.
  • Despite being a group comprised of monsters, Walter, despite later becoming a vampire, and The Major were the only two human members and ironically The Major who was human was their leader.
  • Despite having unique abilities Luke Valentine along with his brother Jan Valentine (who granted aside from his personality was no different from an average vampire soldier) and Alhambra were not members of The Werewolves.
    • This may have been because they were not German. However this theory is subject to speculation since Walter who was of British descent was a member though Walter may have been the only exception due to his abilities as a human.
    • It also may be simply because they had not earned the right to be a part of the elite force.
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