We allow short articles on other series by Kouta Hirano as they often times give more insight into the Hellsing series.
The legends of Vampire Hunter

The Legends of Vampire Hunter is a series created by Kouta Hirano before he started Hellsing. Featuring prototypes of Alucard, Seras Victoria (Named Yuri Kate), a vampire named Hellman (who is a prototype of Jan Valentine) and his brother (who is a prototype Of Luke).

The story takes place in what appears to be a warzone, where the Hellsing Organization 's troops have been defeated by vampires. Hellsing's master vampire, Alucard, arrives, searching for survivors, and presumes that Yuri Kate, a female soldier who had recently enlisted with Hellsing, had been captured alive, since she is not among the corpses. Meanwhile, Yuri is being raped by a vampire named Hellman, while his brother looks on. Alucard enters the room and berates the vampires for their conduct, calls them thugs, and kills them. Since Yuri's blood has been sucked, she cannot be human again, but must continue to serve the Hellsing agency as a vampire.

Notable Differences from HellsingEdit

In Vampire Hunter, victims do not need to be virgins to become vampires; the determining factor is instead the amount of blood that was drained.

Prototype Characters FeaturedEdit

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