Sir Hugh Islands (or Irons) is the leader of the round table and also an ally of Hellsing. Thirty years later, his grandson succeeds him as either the leader or a member of the roundtable.


Sir Hugh Irons is a rather calm yet stern individual which is seen in OVA II, when on learning of the Valentine Brothers' attack, Sir Shelby Penwood freaked out but Sir Hugh Irons remained calm and told Sir Penwood to calm down and when he tells Integra Hellsing that the aftermath of the Valentine brothers' invasion is her responsibility and when Integra orders Walter to put the ghouls of the Hellsing Estate Guards out of their misery, he orders Integra that as their commander, it's her responsibility.


  • He and Arthur Hellsing are the only characters in the series who died naturally or by disease and were not killed by anyone.
  • In OVA II, it is seen that he wields a Webley Mk VI in combat.