Richard Hellsing was the brother of Arthur Hellsing and the son or grandson of Abraham Van Helsing. He had aspirations to be the next Head of Hellsing, but the birth of his brother's daughter gets in the way of that dream.


Richard was blond like his brother, albeit a darker shade of blond that appeared almost brown. He had blue eyes, a mustache and somewhat gaunt features. He wore a brown suit, boots, and trousers.


Richard was an envious, covetous man who grew murderous when he felt his pride was damaged. He was also quite cowardly, trying to kill Integra when she was a vulnerable young girl and all her protectors were away or deceased. Somewhat sadistic, he toyed with her as he chased her through the dungeons.


In Hellsing: UltimateEdit

He stood by on close hands with the Hellsing family in hopes that one day he would become head of Hellsing House. He waits twenty years for his brother to pass away so he could inherit the position. Unfortunately for him, at his brother’s deathbed, the Organization was passed onto Arthur’s daughter Integra. Enraged, insulted, and seeing the opportunity available considering Hellsing’s faithful butler, Walter C. Dornez, was away for the time, Richard took up arms and a series of men to search Hellsing House for the young Integra in hopes to have her killed. Her death would have been fabricated as some dreadful accident and then Richard would finally attain the role of Hellsing director that he so craved these past twenty years.

Hellsing - Integra meets Alucard

Hellsing - Integra meets Alucard.avi

Richard and his men were thwarted when Integra sought to take heed her father’s words and progress to the dungeons wherein Alucard’s quiet body lay inert. Having finally caught up to Integra, Richard shoots Integra in the shoulder. The resulting blood splashes on the body of Alucard and awakens him. After savoring his first meal in decades, he brutally murders Richard's accomplices and drinks their blood. In the anime version, he then reveals himself to Integra to be her servant, after she mistakenly believed him to be trying to inservitude her. While in the manga and OVA version, he simply kneels in front of Integra and acknowledges her as his master. When Richard shouts that he is the rightful leader and tries to shoot Integra, Alucard blocks the bullet and states Richard's blood to be "rotten" and that he is unfit to lead. Richard himself is shot by Integra Hellsing.



  • Richard Hellsing is an example of either the Cain and Able trope, or since Integra is involved, the Cain and Able and Seth trope.
  • It is interesting to know that while Richard was Arthur's younger brother, he seems to have no knowledge of the true nature of the Hellsing Organization, much less the existence of Alucard.