Paul Wilson was one of humans turned by Incognito. He had a unique fascination (or perhaps infatuation is the best term) with Seras Victoria. He often tried to get her to join his side by using his psychic powers to communicate with her. In the beginning he chose to become a vampire because he didn't want to die.

He was also a SAS Agent before being abducted by Incognito. Paul Wilson was among those given the FREAK Chip by Incognito for the final attack on the Tower of London. Wilson however didn't just receive one chip, instead he was given several that implanted themselves throughout his body, apparently making him even more powerful than the average "Freak".

It was only after gaining his power, Paul cryptically plagued Seras' dreams, frightening her and taunting her. When the battle of the Tower of London breaks out, he takes on Seras directly, transforming into a freakish bat-creature. Seras eventually overcomes him, defeating him by slamming one of her incendiary napalm rounds(explosive rounds) down his throat with her bare hands, apparently this was enough to activate the incendiary material, triggering the detonation of the napalm.


  • Paul Wilson is the only other vampire aside from Alucard to communicate with Seras telepathically.
  • Paul Wilson is also the only artificial vampire to use telepathic powers in either the Anime or OVA's.
  • If Incognito is considered The Major's stand-in in the anime and that Gareth Henderson is considered Pip Bernadotte's, then Paul Wilson could be considered The Captain's and Zorin Blitz's stand-in for the anime.
  • As Incognito is a foil to Alucard and Incognito's Master is considered a foil to Integra, he can probably be seen a foil to Seras.
  • His name may be a reference to the author F. Paul Wilson , whose novel The Keep has a vampiric antagonist.
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