Andersen Monster of God

Alexander Anderson after he utilized Helena's Nail to become a Monster of God.

There are a small host of other species depicted within the Hellsing universe other than merely the vampire. These beings are largely supernatural in both nature and origin while only one may inherit otherworldly traits through magic relics or being converted into another entity.


See Human

The world's (self-proclaimed) dominant species.


See Werekin Werewolves and other humans that turn into or are otherwise merged with animals.

Monster of GodEdit

Alexander Anderson became one of these after ramming Helena's Nail into his heart, causing him to obtain supernatural powers to fight Alucard, while losing his humanity in the process. Alucard himself calls him a "Monster of God", but digresses that Anderson loses the ability to actually kill him for becoming someone like himself.


These species exist as comical and helpful, usually in the form of weapon spirits. Seras Victoria's Harkonnen is such a spirit that occasionally makes his presence known.


Entities with great powers; multiple beings who created the Universe and control the elements. While no such entity appears in the manga proper, Sett appears in the anime.

Familiars and GhostsEdit

Familiars are the souls of those whose spiritual essence lives inside a vampire to whom is capable of summoning it as its servant.

Notable GhostsEdit

  • Tubalcain Alhambra, who became a part of Alucard after he defeated him in Brazil.
  • Rip Van Winkle, who was also a scapegoat to strand Alucard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Pip Bernadotte, Seras' familiar after she consumed his blood.
  • Baskerville, Alucard's most used familiar
  • Schrödinger, Alucard's new familiar at the end after killing many souls inside him except Schrödinger's.
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