Mrs. Victoria was the late mother of Seras Victoria and wife of Mr. Victoria.


She is a blonde woman with long hair and blue eyes, resembling Seras. However, her features are fuller.


In Hellsing Ultimate

When Seras was a child, her father, a police officer, "got in too deep" while on an undercover mission. The ring he had infiltrated found out about his betrayal, traced him back to his home, and sent two hit-men to kill him. Seras' mother hid her in the closet after her father was slain and told her to stay in. She then attempted to confront the criminals, who immediately shot and killed her as well "just for fun". Seras, angered after seeing the death of her family, charged out of the closet and stabbed one of the criminals in the eye with a fork. However, this led to her being shot in the gut. One of the criminals (the one she stabbed) had unfinished business with her dead mother, claiming that "her body was still warm". He then stripped her body naked and began raping her - with a bleeding Seras watching. Though she survived, Seras was traumatized after witnessing the event, which then lead to her desire to become a police officer.


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