Vampires are the main antagonists in most of the Hellsing series. Although other villains come into the plot such as Nazis and agents from Iscariot, sinister vampires are consistent opponents to the protagonists (i.e. Alucard, Sir Integra, Seras, and the rest of the Hellsing Organization).

Some vampires are key to the plot and have very important roles in the story; others are support characters, throwaway extras, or simply one-shot villains that are not mentioned after more than a few episodes. The following is a comprised list of vampires in the Hellsing anime who fit that criteria.

Miscellaneous EpisodesEdit

"Vampire Bitches"Edit

Vil d

In addition to an army of ghouls, The Valentine Brothers employ a group of young women with prominent fangs to keep them company. These young women, possibly prostitutes, only hiss, dance, and bite, and do not talk. They do not join the Valentine Brothers' main attack and never make another appearance.

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