In addition to Iscariot, there is another special section of the Vatican; Section III Matthew, named after St. Matthew. In the third Crossfire episode, Section III is referred to as "John" Hellsing Volume 3, Crossfire 3 with the apparent task of suppressing information. However, in Hellsing, its purpose is the retrieval of various holy relics and artifacts. This is in accordance with its name, "Matthew," which is derived from the Aramaic name "Mathai," meaning "Gift of God". They were the ones that 'acquired' Helena's Nail and gave it to Iscariot, who bestowed it upon Alexander Anderson for use in battle against Hellsing's vampire, Alucard.

Specific Artifacts Retrieved[edit | edit source]

Section III has retrieved multiple artifacts over time. Most listed throughout the Hellsing series are:

  1. Nail of Helena
  2. Shroud of Turin
  3. Holy Grail
  4. Lance of Longinus

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Matthew is Section III, and Iscariot is Section XIII, then it is probably safe to assume that there are eleven other sections of the Vatican, each of them named after an apostle of Jesus, and each of them existing with a different purpose.

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