Katherine T. Gray, called K.T. Gray for short, is the voice actress for Seras Victoria.



Katharine Gray was born November 25, 1981 in Washington, D.C, United States. She is an American musician and voice actress. Her voice work is mostly with Geneon, most notably British vampire Seras Victoria in both animated adaptations of Hellsing. In 2006, she self-released her first album From Far Away. "Set Free" from that album was featured on the television show Bones. Gray attended the Sakura-Con 2007 convention in Seattle, Washington.

In 2011 Gray released her second album, Love Like Fire. The following year saw her collaborating with Kurt Baumann (The Burned, Freeland, Kan'Nal) in a new group called Sea Stars, which has released an EP (Zodiac) followed by their first album, The Unknown in 2013.


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Katherine sees Seras as fragile, innocent, and naive at first, then shocked as she gets involved in with the monster world. She thinks Seras wanted to be a peacemaker and a force for good, despite her traumatic childhood. Her vampire life "triggered" a lot of those buried traumatic memories as well as gave her the strength and will to fight back.[1]

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