Integra's Mother is an unnamed woman of seemingly Indian heritage. She is a largely unknown character and only makes an appearance in the original Hellsing anime.


Integra's mother is a dark-skinned woman, even more so than Integra herself. From the Sari she wears, she appears to originate from India or have hereditary ties there. The glare from her photo means no facial features can be distinguished. Her hair appears to have been dark brown or black and particularly long, the latter being another feature she and her daughter have in common.


In Hellsing: Master of MonsterEdit

Integra's mom appears in a picture frame on Arthur Hellsing's desk as he speaks to their daughter about the nature of monsters, particularly Vampires. Neither comment on her, though the image depicts her holding her infant daughter, Integra Hellsing. It is unknown if she is still alive or deceased, where she is if she lived or how she died, if she died.


Arthur HellsingEdit


Arthur Hellsing

At some point, Integra's mother met and attracted the attention of the amorous Arthur Hellsing. It is unknown if she was just another fling or if they had a serious relationship, however, the photo on his desk implies the latter. It is unknown if they were legally married or not, though no one ever acknowledges that Integra may be a bastard child. That being said, the photo shows no sign of a wedding ring or any else indicating marital status.

Integra HellsingEdit


Integra Hellsing, her daughter.

No interactions between Integra and her mother are ever shown and Integra herself never makes any comments on the woman indicating what kind of relationship they had. This would imply a lack of a relationship, especially if her mother died when she was a little girl or maybe in her childbirth and the Woman in the photograph is a familiar of her mom, or maybe her nurse with Integra when was a newborn.


Integra hellsing when baby with her mother india sari Arthur hellsinf wife mrs hellsing
  • Integra's mother may have a mixed ancestry of her own, due to her daughter having blonde hair instead of inheriting her brown hair, which would be the more genetically domineering color/gene. Also, Integra's eyes are blue, which means her own are or she carries the gene.
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