Sometimes the admins, although they really want to, cannot maintain the wiki like it should. For example, there are pages that they would like to add very much, but either don't have the time to do it or don't know enough about the topic. There are also pictures that we need and some expansions that need to be done.

This is where you come into play. If you could add a page for, expand some, or add a picture for the following list of topics, it would be much appreciated! In fact, the admins will be so grateful to you that they might even give you an Internet cookie. Or at least a big "thank you".

Needed Pages

Pages Needing Serious Expansion or Help

Pictures Needed

  • Alucard holding the Hellsing Combat Pistol 'Jackal'
  • Better pictures of the Hellsing mansion
  • Better pictures of Integra Hellsing from the manga and OVA
    • Integra and her sword
  • A good quality picture of Hellsing: Volume 4's cover, with the correct cover image and without the DC logo at the bottom.
  • More Pictures of Arthur Hellsing (Can we get a pic of him not looking so evil?)
  • A proper cover for the Crossfire Drama CD
  • More pictures of the Queen of England
  • The spirit of the Harkonnen, as Seras sees it in her dream
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