The Manual of Style is the outline that all "good" quality articles on the Hellsing Wiki should follow- that is, articles that cannot be classified as "stubs" or "Articles that Need Help". Not all articles might be organized by these guidelines at present, but we will try our best to adhere to them! See it as just another way you can help us.


All articles for any character should have a Character infobox. Those that are in the Hellsing Organization should have a Hellsing Infobox, those in Iscariot should have an Iscariot infobox, and those in Millennium should have a Millennium Infobox.

Sections on character pages should preferably be organized in this order:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History
  • Relationships (optional; usually used with protagonists)


Weapon articles should have a Weapon infobox and should have sections in exactly this order:

  • Introduction paragraph- includes primary user and the type of weapon it is
  • "Profile"- Includes appearance, and any weapons in the real world that might have inspired it)
  • "Usage"- includes how and when the weapon is used in the anime, manga, and/or OVA plot
    • Under guns: a "Bullets and Rounds" sub-section
  • Known Users
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