Hellsing Episode 7: Duel is the seventh episode in the Hellsing anime series. It was originally released in Japan on November 21, 2001 and released in English on November 15, 2003. The series is directed by Umanosuke Iida, from a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka, and produced by the Gonzo animation studio.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Integra attends the funeral of her deceased Hellsing commando subordinates after being forced to euthanize the dying Hellsing commando ghouls. As she and Walter try to figure out how to increase their manpower, Integra is invited by Enrico Maxwell to see her in a museum. Meanwhile, Seras Victoria and a Hellsing squad led by Mason Fox (メイソン) engage in battle against a vampire who turns the civilians in the London Underground into ghouls to hold them off. Anderson appears again and kills off the vampire and several Hellsing soldiers until Alucard intervenes.

Trivia Edit

  • Four characters were associated with the ones from the play Peter and Wendy: Alucard as Peter Pan, Integra as Wendy, Seras as Tiger Lily and Anderson as Captain Hook