Hellsing Episode 10: Master of Monster is the tenth episode in the Hellsing anime series. It was originally released in Japan on December 12, 2001 and released in English on December 3, 2003. The series is directed by Umanosuke Iida, from a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka, and produced by the Gonzo animation studio.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Integra collapses after stabbing herself to prevent herself from being turned to a vampire and is rushed to hospital. During the operation to save her life, Alucard tells a concerned Seras to learn from 'Their Master', causing her discomfort. While Integra is being operated on, she recalls the events following her assuming command of the Hellsing Organization and her initial encounter with Alucard following her Uncle's attempt on her life. She awakens to find Alucard standing over her, addressing her as his master.