Hellsing OVA 10

The cover of the regular version.

Officially released in Japan on December 26, 2012. The English dub was released October the 24th 2014.


The same as Hellsing: Volume 10

Characters in Order of Appearance (with cameos)Edit

Major EventsEdit

  • Inside the Deus Ex Machina, Seras battles the Captain while Integra goes to confront the Major.
  • Alucard begins absorbing the blood of every corpse in London.
  • Pip Bernadotte's consciousness is revealed to still be present within Seras.
  • With the help of her familiar, Pip, Seras kills the Captain and rejoins Integra.
  • Schrödinger kills himself and allows Alucard to absorb him.
  • Due to Schrödinger's powers requiring the ability to perceive himself as an individual, Alucard disappears into "a set of imaginary numbers", seemingly destroying him for good.
  • The Major is revealed to be a cyborg.
  • Integra kills the Major, but loses her left eye in the process.
  • Walter is attacked by Heinkel Wolfe, but cuts off the latter's arm and leg, and makes his way into the Deus Ex Machina.
  • Walter confronts and kills the Doctor before dying himself.
  • "She", the source of Millennium's artificial vampires, is revealed to be the long-dead corpse of Mina Harker.
  • The Deus Ex Machina is destroyed, ending the Battle of London.
  • Alucard begins destroying his stored souls in order to gain control of Schrödinger's powers.

Thirty Years LaterEdit

  • London is rebuilt.
  • Makube has become the leader of Iscariot, with Heinkel as their new "trump card".
  • Alucard finally kills the last of his stored souls, enabling him to control Schrödinger's powers while still containing Schrödinger within him as his only familiar.
  • Alucard returns to Hellsing Manor and reunites with Integra and Seras.
  • Pip as Sera's familiar covers Hellsing mansion.