Hellsing The Dawn Anime

Hellsing: The Dawn is the anime OVA adaption of the eponymous prequel of the Hellsing manga where it will be in Hellsing OVA's 8, 9, and 10. The series aired between July 27, 2011 and December 26, 2012


It is September 1944 and World War II is raging in Europe. To get an advantage on the field, Nazis are experimenting with artificial vampire technologies, they are still far away from achieving their initial goal, but even the intermediate stages of such researchers are possessing a great threat to The anti-German coalition. In an attempt to stop the Nazi project and to protect England and The Allies current head of the Hellsing House, Sir Arthur Hellsing, is sending his best agents — Walter C. Dornez and Alucard — into German-occupied Poland where monstrous experiments are being conducted.


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