Hellsing: The Dawn is the prequel manga to Hellsing. It takes place fifty-five years before the main Hellsing storyline, during World War II, and features a teenage Walter and Alucard (in a female form) on a mission from the Hellsing Organization to destroy Millennium's base in Warsaw, Poland.


Many of Hellsing's cast reappear in Hellsing: The Dawn as the main antagonists, such as the Major, Doc, and The Captain. Since 2001, six chapters have been released and published in special editions of Young King OURs magazine. It has also been revealed that the The Dawn will be released in tankoban form for the February 2012 release of Young King OURs issue as a mini-volume.

Taliesin Jaffe, the director of the Hellsing: Ultimate OVA Series has stated in a panel at Otakon 2008 that The Dawn is going to be animated as part of Ultimate. It was recently revealed in the official features page for Hellsing VIII on the official Japanese Hellsing website that the special Short Gaiden in the extra disc that comes with the limited edition of Hellsing Ultimate OVA 8 will, in fact, be The Dawn. The post also stated that the team will be working on a manuscript from Kouta Hirano himself and that the 4 pages of this manuscript will be included with the volume's liner notes booklet.

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