Helena is a character in the Hellsing anime. She is a "true vampire" much like Alucard and Incognito. Her youthful appearance belies her true age; she was turned into a vampire hundreds of years ago when she was still a child. Her appearance and the lack of modern electronics in her house imply that she lived sometime during the 15th - 17th century, which would make her hundreds of years old during the series.

Helena lives on a rooftop apartment where she listens to classical music and enjoys reading books. Seras looks up to her and Helena inspires Seras to realize that she is a vampire. Despite this, Helena seems to hate the Hellsing Organization, as she claims to have lost many friends to their "butchery" over the years. On the other hand, she appears to hold no personal grudge towards Seras.

She seems very caring, and yet very sad. For as long as she has been a vampire she has grown tired of not being able to die. Helena prefers her solitude and keeps to herself in her house, it could be for this reason that Hellsing and the authorities have, for the most part, left her alone as she appears to pose no real threat to the general populace.

When Incognito came to England, he realized that Helena could be a threat to his plans. To remedy this, he attacked and devoured Helena shortly before Seras arrived to visit her. Helena was able to nearly force her way out of Incognito's body, but the villainous vampire beheaded her before she could escape. Seras was distraught at not being able to save her, but Helena comforted the young Draculina, telling her not to be sad as she was now finally able to die. In her last words, she told Seras to be a loyal and worthy companion to her master and to destroy Incognito, warning of his trap.

After Seras left, Helena's remains were destroyed when her home caught fire and burned down. Her final wishes were realized when Seras helped Alucard defeat Incognito and his minions, thus avenging Helena and allowing her to rest in peace. 


  • Despite her name, Helena has no relation to Helena's Nail. Interestingly, they are mutually exclusive; the former only appeared in the Hellsing television series, while the latter only appeared in the manga and OVAs.
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