Enrico Stivaletti (エンリコ・スティヴァレッティ, Enriko Sutivaretti) is a foreign exchange college student who appears in Episode 3 of the Hellsing Anime.


Enrico is a man with a slender body, softer features, fair skin and silvery hair. Due to becoming a vampire, his eyes are red. Their original color is unknown.


In HellsingEdit

He attempts to turn another student Mick, with whom he is heavily implied to be in a romantic relationship, into a vampire for the sake of "being together forever". After being apprehended and later placed in the morgue with the chip removed, he is believed to be dead. This is later disproved when he comes back to "life" to search for Mick not knowing Mick was already dead and cremated. He arms himself with heavy weaponry and begins slaughtering the mortuary's security staffs, turning them into Ghouls. The Hellsing Organization Special Military Forces were sent to deal with the unholy menace but was delayed due to the intervention of Paladin Alexander Anderson who was sent by the Iscariot Organization to destroy the vampire. Right before Anderson could slay Enrico, Alucard appears and destroyed Enrico with his own hand.

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