Crispin M. Freeman is an American Voice actor and the voice-provider for Alucard in both the anime and OVA series.


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According to Crispin, Alucard is an extremely powerful but extremely bored being. He believes the vampire shows deference to Integra not only because he must but because having limits on his power makes "the game" more fun and interesting. He believes Alucard wants to be beaten, specifically by a human, in order to reaffirm his own beliefs regarding humans and monsters: that humans are superior and only a human can truly defeat a monster. Crispin says this is why Alucard was so angry at Alexander Anderson, for when he turned into the monster of god, he denied him this and "screwed up his argument". The latter is a more Theological reason.[1]

He believes Alucard has some self-hatred about himself, regrets turning into a monster, and wants to see his belief of humanity being enough being confirmed through his own death.

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