The Armed Priest Corps are an elite squadron consisting of Iscariot's best agents, armed with highly effective weapons against unholy menaces. They are led by paladin Alexander Anderson.

Armed Priest Corps

The Armed Priest Corps with Yumiko Takagi (left) and Heinkel Wolfe (right)

During Millennium's attack on London, they were dispatched along with Anderson and top Iscariot agents Heinkel Wolfe and Yumiko Takagi to capture Hellsing leader Sir Integra Hellsing, but suffered severe casualties after a brief conflict with members of the Letzte Bataillon.

After The 9th Crusade was wiped out by Alucard, Anderson ordered the priests to retreat, but instead came to his aid along with Heinkel and Yumie. They storm against Alucard's familiars, the ones that were injured even used a kamikaze-like tactic to destroy some of the familiars along with them. Anderson used the Nail of Helena to face Alucard by transforming into a thorny monster but was eventually defeated by Alucard. After a brief funeral for Anderson, Yumie was killed by the rejuvenated Walter while Heinkel was severely injured by the Captain, the remaining priests were forced to retreat along with the injured Heinkel. Decades later during the manga's epilogue, Heinkel became the new leader of the corps. Like the Papal Knight, they still have not recovered from their loss in the battle of London after 30 years since the majority of them had been killed.

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