Chris Pickman was a Captain in the Hellsing Organization Special Military Forces after the Valentine Brothers' attack on Hellsing in the Anime. Pickman is an efficient soldier, who gives his all for Hellsing, and never seems to lose his cool. He first appears in Order 9, where he leads his men in a raid on Baobhan Castle. In Order 12, Pickman is fatally wounded by a vampire in the Battle of the Tower of London. Pickman shows considerable courage and conviction: in his final moments he asks Alucard to kill him now, as he wants to die as a human, rather than as a Ghoul. Alucard honors the man's final request and puts him down with the Jackal. As a sign of respect, Alucard lays his hat on the man before continuing the fight. In Order 13, Alucard uses the blood of Pickman (and the other fallen Hellsing soldiers) in order to regenerate and defeat Incognito.


  • As Incognito was the stand in for The Major. Chris was perhaps the stand in for Pip.
  • In episodes 10-12, Chris was voiced by Gildart Jackson; who also voiced The Major in the OVA.
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