Hellsing: Volume 3 is the third volume in the Hellsing manga series. It was originally released in Japan in December of 2000 and released in English on June 1, 2004.

Plot SummeryEdit

Integra Hellsing deploys Alucard, Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte, leader of the Wild Geese, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to find the whereabouts of Millennium. Alucard and Seras are later attacked by BOPE units of the Brazilian military police after being declared in public as international terrorists, a ruse perpetrated by Brazilian officials in exchange for immortality promised by Millennium. After receiving orders from Sir Integra, Alucard massacres the BOPE officers and faces off against Millennium officer Tubalcain Alhambra.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)Edit

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