Hellsing: Ultimate III is the third installment in the Hellsing: Ultimate series. It was originally released in Japan on April 4, 2007 and released in English in North America on October 16, 2007 by Funimation Entertainment under licensing of Geneon USA.

Plot SynopsisEdit


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In a bid to increase manpower following the devastating attack on Hellsing headquarters, Walter recruits the mercenary group known as Wild Geese and integrates them into Hellsing's security forces. Integra receives information from Enrico Maxwell, the fanatical leader of Iscariot, that confirms her suspicions of Millennium's origins. She soon deploys Alucard, Seras and Pip Bernadotte, leader of the Wild Geese, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to find the whereabouts of Millennium. Alucard and Seras are later attacked by BOPE units of the Brazilian military police after being declared in public as international terrorists, a ruse perpetrated by Brazilian officials in exchange for immortality promised by Millennium. After receiving orders from Sir Integra, Alucard massacres the BOPE officers and faces off against Millennium officer Tubalcain Alhambra. Tubalcain is defeated and killed. Alucard drinks Tubalcain's blood, gaining information on Millennium and their plans.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)Edit

Major EventsEdit

  • The Hellsing Organization recruits the Wild Geese as operatives to replace the soldiers they lost during the Valentine Brothers' attack.
  • Pip Bernadotte, Seras Victoria, and Alucard head to Brazil to find clues about Millennium.
  • Tubalcain Alhambra convinces a section of the BOPE to kill Alucard and Seras; in return, Millennium will convert them into vampires.
  • Alucard kills the BOPE forces sent against him, while Pip destroys their commanding officers with a bomb.
  • Alucard fights and kills Tubalcain with some help from Seras.
  • Alucard drinks Tubalcain's blood, gaining information on Millennium and their plans.
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